Empowering Youth with EVS in Uganda

Empowering Youth with EVS in Uganda, focuses on empowerment as a change making process on the lives of young people and children and uses that as a tool to increase the participation of young people to social , economical and finally to political life.

Be Volunteer!

The EVS Period will be for 3 months which will give you a lot of time to set up beneficial projects for the children that you will be supporting. The main idea behind the EVS Program that you provide support for the local organization and increase their capacity while gaining new skills and competences.

If you think, you are ready to spend 3 months and work in a challenging environment, be volunteer in Uganda!

About Partner Organizations

The project is being implemented by 4 partner organizations from
– Spain ( ACSESO )
– Turkey ( Uçarlı Youth Association )
– Uganda ( Kawempe Youth Development Association (KYDA)) .