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This time for Africa: Short story about muzungus volunteering in Uganda.

“New adventure is about to begin” I realized when I was reading about Africa and thinking about what I am getting myself into. I knew about this project a long time ago, probably 4-5 months. Still remember the day when to the question: “Do you wanna participate in an EVS project in Uganda Africa in the summer ‘19” I answered “Yes!” without any hesitation. It seemed so far away at first, but the day came quicker than I thought and…

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The non-material rewards of Volunteering in Africa

I’ve been volunteering in Africa for the past two months. Let me tell you more about it. We are investing our time and resources at KYDA, the hosting organization. During my stay here I witnessed world-shattering events that have positively contributed to the set of my beliefs about reality. From my own shenanigans, conversations and daily observations I’ve discovered many things about Africa that contradict my previous views about this penurious continent. Furthermore I am a firm believer in the…

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my work in africa

My Work in KYDA

So here I am working, volunteering in Africa. My host organization is KYDA, the Ugandan organization – Kawempe Youth Development Association. The location is in the capital city – Kampala. In the past 60 days spent here my life had changed, certainly my mindset, my worldview. We are nine people volunteering in this project, I came with two of my friends, but I met more here. And that are just the people in the house, outside I meet many folks…

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What Do You Think About Uganda?

What do you think about Uganda? That is the Question, that every local person asks me when we first start a conversation. It is somewhat difficult to answer though. However, that is why I am writing this post to attempt to express my opinion. Here you are going to read how I digest my experiences in Uganda, Africa. Frankly, I find it better than what I expected. I was preparing for the worst. In my mind I was going to…

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Two Weeks in Africa. What To Expect?

Here is what happened after arriving in Africa. Two weeks have been since we landed in Entebbe in the middle of the night. I came as a volunteer on EVS(European Voluntary Service) project, which is an international project for Turkish, Romanian and Spanish residence. And the name of it is as you might have seen already on the front page “Empowering Youth with EVS in Uganda”. Our schedule here is from 12th on June to 12th of September considered a…

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