Here is our album for the project “Empowering Ugandan Youth with EVS” (CBY 2018-3236). ERASMUS KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices -Capacity Building in the field of Youth

We continue to visit schools in the area, and today also vocational workshops that teach carpentry, woodwork, hairdressing, and dressmaking. The young people in these projects are usually at risk, have been homeless, neglected or are orphans. 

We are working with several organisations to try to offer more support, and help these children to get back on their feet, become healthy and educated with opportunities for the future. 

This year, 6 young people from Spain, 6 young people from Romania and 12 Young people from Turkey will each spend 3 months in Uganda working with the children and young people in these workshops and schools and providing workshops, helping to set up systems for growing vegetables, healthy eating, social skills IT skills, vocational skills and English language skills.