Partner Organizations

Kawempe Youth Development Association (KYDA)

Kawempe Youth Development Association (KYDA) is a local grass root NGO -Registration No:S 5914/6653, operating in Kampala, Mityana and Wakiso Districts in central Uganda. KYDA was formed in 2005 by a group of ten Makerere University graduates who were from the disciplines of social work, Law, commerce, social sciences, information technology and medicine.  They had a vision to improve the welfare of disadvantaged young people including:HIV/AIDS orphans, HIV positive children, AIDS-affected children, young people affected by drug abuse, teenage mothers, former victims of commercial sex exploitation, child labourers, and slum-dwelling youth. Currently, the organization is serving a total of 5000 youth and 178 children: of the youth 4200 are females and 800 are males; of the children 151 are HIV positive and the rest are OVC. 

KYDA is among the founder member to the Ugandan Alcohol Policy Alliance (UAPA), also to the World Federation Against Drugs (WFAD) and IOGT at International Level. 

KYDA offers the following services:

  • Educational sponsorship to HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children
  • Nutritional support and care to HIV+ children and vulnerable children
  • Support to guardians of OVC with basic necessities of life, e.g. mosquito nets, clothing, blankets, jerry cans, basins, sugar and nutritious food
  • Community sensitizations about Alcohol harm, drug abuse, HIV/AIDS prevention, HIV testing and counselling, prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Psychosocial support and counselling to HIV+ young people and children (on positive living), other young people affected by the HIV/AIDS scourge and their guardians
  • Training of vocational and life skills to out-of-school youth including teenage mothers, drug abusers and those commercially sexually exploited

Currently, KYDA targets vulnerable positive children and youth with particular emphasis on disadvantaged young people including school drop outs, HIV/AIDS orphans, HIV positive children, AIDS affected positive children, young people affected by drug abuse, former victims of commercial sexual exploitation, child laborers, teenage mothers, slum youth and their adult women care givers, mainly grandmothers in Kawempe Division of Kampala District and the surrounding areas of Wakiso District and in Mityana Districts all in Central Uganda. 

Uçarlı Youth Association

Uçarlı Youth Association works in Diyarbakır, local since 2010 in youth field to promote the European Union projects in Diyarbakır and also in the Southeastern Europe for young people to participate the social and political life as active citizens. It continusly informs the young people about the European Opportunities and also delivers training courses and information events to increase the social and cultural competences of young people.

Uçarlı Youth Association is created by group of young people in Ucarli district of Diyarbakır and extended its scope with the involvement of young volunteers day by day. Nowadays, Ucarli Youth Association is well-known nation-wide association for youthwork and it is member of several networks.

On the other hand, Uçarlı Youth Association is also involved in European Voluntary Service Program as Hosting, Sending and Coordinating organization since 2014 and sends young people mainly the young people with fewer opportunities to increase their participation to the society. On the other hand, Ucarli Youth Association implemented several youth exchanges and training courses in Diyarbakır.

In our association, we have more than 500 volunteers and they help our coordination and implementation of those training courses and they participate in the projects that we are partner. Besides that, we have members who are involved as trainer in different trainer pools.

And currently we have 6 part-time project based paid staff for the implementation of the below-mentioned activities as well as we have 500 volunteers who are all over Turkey and involving our mobility programs in and outside of Turkey for the implementation of the projects for organization of the local activities as well as to reach out the wider audience for the dissemination processes.

Ucarli Youth Association is the member of following networks:

  • Libration and Monitoring Network
  • Youth NGOs Forum ( Go-For )
  • Youth Organizations Federation
  • International Solutions Federation

Main aims of Ucarli Youth Association are;

  • To support young people to participate the society and decision making processes
  • To develop social and cultural competences of young people
  • To make the young people in the region aware about the social problems in their local and region and make them able to be solution-orianted to those problems
  • To increase the visibility of young people with fewer opportunities in the society
  • Supporting intercultural learning and cultural diversity

The activities related to this project and our working areas related to young people :

  • European Umbrella Youth Exchange in 2011 : It was implemented in Diyarbakır with the involvement of 32 young people about European Citizenship and Young Peoples’ involvement in European Citizenship.
  • Human Rights- Volunteerism and Learning in 2013 : Informing young people about Human Rights context and volunteerism in the EPW countries and create an awareness about HRE and Volunteerism topics.
  • Eco Campaign – be the change in 2015 : It deals with issues of climate change and environmental protection, revealing their global connectedness and the local opportunities for youth participation and youth action.
  • Climate Activism Actions in 2017 : The project is implemented under KA2 Capacity Building in the Field of Youth with cooperation of Van Yuzuncu Yıl University and Richmond Vale Academy in St. Vincent and Grenadines for increasing the environmental awareness among Turkish youth in an oversea territory and increasing awareness on the effects of climate change.
  • Empowering Ugandan Youth with EVS in 2018: The project is being implemented under KA2 Capacity Building in the field of Youth with Cooperation of organizations from Turkey, Spain, Romania and Uganda to increase the awareness on Poverty and using empowerment as a tool to tackle with poverty in Africa especially in Ugandan context.
  • Peace Ambassadors – Non-Violent Future will come with the Youth!: It is implemented this year in April 2018 with involvement of 80 young people and their feedbacks and suggestions on the need of peace building actions and increasing the mutual dialogue of the young people from the west and east part of Turkey by promoting peace.

Asociación Cultural Social Educativa Segundas Oportunidades ( A.C.S.E.S.O. )

The Asociación Cultural Social Educativa Segundas Oportunidades is a non profit organisation working in the outermost region of the EU, The Canary Islands.

A.C.S.E.S.O works with people of all ages in various programmes and projects, training and development and non formal education.

A.C.S.E.S.O’s main aim is to support the community to improve their skills, competencies and curriculum, with the final aim to improve their employability at a local, national and european level. We have several youth programs and programs for adults and regularly provide workshops, events and training courses.

Target group/s
We organise and implement different initiatives throughout the year, aimed towards young people and adults to provide them with non formal learning opportunities. The majority of our members face financial, geographical and employment obstacles due to our location in the Canary Islands being an outermost region and most income and available employment being from the tourist industry.

A.C.S.E.S.O’s purpose is to provide opportunities to young people and adults to access education opportunities outside of the formal education system by providing training courses, workshops, events and debates. We also run various programmes targeting youth at risk of exclusion and with fewer opportunities.

A.C.S.E.S.O has several on-going projects, apart from regular events and trainings that take place all year long:

  • “NosVoz Program” is a media program that was started to give support and training to young prospective media professionals. The program gives a space for young people to write publicly in a blog, work with social media, and learn skills around the media industry. A lot of the workshops and articles produced in this project are related to migration, social cohesion, equality and more recently, the programme is working on a local project about the problems with “post-truth” journalism, and the links to xenophobia.
  • Mobility Today. This program continued following an Erasmus youth exchange “We’ve More in Common Than in Difference” and A.C.S.E.S.O continues to coordinate this with international youth. The project includes podcasts, blog and E-zines and is a way for young people to connect with others, learn about different cultures, and learn about opportunities for youth.
  • The European Youth Hub is a space for adolescents to meet and take part in various activities including training and development, performing arts, cultural activities and social events.The European Youth Hub is run by young people for young people and is managed through a democratic process. The youth organise debates and events for young people and the program follows the principles of positive youth development (PYD). Within The European Youth Hub, we also provide support for young people accessing European Voluntary Service . A.C.S.E.S.O is accredited as EVS sending and coordination body and organises workshops and events throughout the year promoting EVS and preparing young people. We have a weekly drop in session for young people to get information about EVS and support in applying for projects.
  • A.C.S.E.S.O Events regularly organises intercultural events in order to allow people living in Gran Canaria (locals and migrants) to meet, practice languages, and learn from each other’s cultures through educational games, informal discussions and organised debates. Many of our events are
    designed to support immigrants to assimilate and learn the local language, about the culture and to socialise.
  • Hate’s Journey (Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership ) : The Hates’ Journey project focuses directly on youth workers as well as indirectly to the young people in participating countries by reaching out the activities carried by the youth workers participated to blended mobility activity from participating countries. The Hates’ Journey project aims to understand the dynamics of young people in participating countries and provide educational and theoretical resources based on needs- and interest of young people and examination of empowerment models in EU specifically the participating countries in the project in order to increase the quality of youth work and promote empowerment among youth workers.


EIVA Association is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation established in 2009 as a voluntary based organisation focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle. In 2013 there were made consistent changes in regards with the name, status and activities. In the same time the organisation was gaining more visibility and a higher impact in the community. 
Our main goal is to develop solutions in order to foster the progress in the society trough education and active participation of young people.
The objectives of EIVA are:
• Developing educational projects targeting various groups: children, youths and adults.
• Initiating and implementing programs in favour of youths through local, national, European or international initiatives.
• Promoting the cooperation and exchange of good practices between civil society organizations at European and international level. 
• Implementing voluntary programs at local and international level.
• Offering learning opportunities for youth people, youth workers and adults interested into learning.
• Implementing initiatives in order to increase the active participation and European awareness among youngsters.