Be Volunteer!

The volunteers will work in several parts of Kampala related to organizational needs of KYDA regarding to their work and the skills of the volunteer. We expect that the volunteers will gain following competences during their stay in KYDA:

  • become aware about the poverty issues and living under the poverty and they will be able to build capacity in order to deal with poverty and work with the people under poverty.
  • gain a unique opportunity to become the driving force in his/her own development, and through your own example to empower others in becoming creators in their own development.
  • Be challenged to get out of your comfort zone and remove the barriers of fear; a necessary process to releasing new potentials and being able to fearlessly move into “the unknown” and your knowledge about Africa.
  • activate and expand your already existing capacity, knowledge, skills and talents and use these in the service of creating development.
  • be enabled to think and act in solidarity with fellow human beings – both in the program and for the rest of your life.
  • become a leader who is able to work with cultural diversity, capable of organizing, leading and instigating change
  • see yourself as one actor among many in a movement where profound development takes place with effect and impact in many people’s’ lives.

The working areas of KYDA :

  • Crowdfunding and Fundraising 
  • Social Media and Internet Work 
  • Child work ( Orphans & Street Children ) 
  • Vocational Education ( Carpentry, Woodcraft , Hairdressing, Mechanics, Textile Work ) 
  • Youth Work 
  • Gardening & Construction Work

The EVS Period will be for 3 months, this will give you lots of time to set up beneficial projects for the children that you will be supporting.

EVS Period will take place in following dates :

  •  1st Round : 15/06/2019 – 13/09/2019  
  • 2nd Round : 15/09/2019 – 17/12/2019  
  • 3rd Round : 10/01/2020 – 10/04/2020

The idea is for you to engage with the young people that are resident at KYDA and the day users of the centre. There are vocational activities such as hair dressing already available, but your projects will be something different.

Try to think about things that would increase their life skills, employability, their local environment, cooking, self care etc.

The children that you will be working with need to prepare their own meals. From what we have observed, this would be a great start to your projects, preparing cheap, easy, tasty and healthy food. Currently their breakfasts are not very healthy, they mix sugar, flour and water together to form a drink.

Lunches and dinners are starch based, rice and local carbohydrate vegetables. Most protein comes from beans, meat and fish are available but not usually cooked by the children.

We hope that your projects will help this to develop into a more sustainable healthy way of eating, washing before cooking and washing up afterwards. It might be an idea for you to buy all of the children their own cup and bowl and make them responsible for looking after it. Reducing disposable plate waste and encouraging self responsibility.

There is a small garden area where you could cultivate fast growing vegetables and use project money to buy ingredients for cooking activities. If your project activities are preparing meals, you can also eat with the children.

You should plan to work Monday to Friday 09:00-16:00, maybe earlier if you are doing a breakfast cooking project.

Profile of Volunteer 

– 18-30 years old

– has been involved in non-formal education context in local level as youth trainer or youth leader

– Motivation to take part in a mutual learning process in a intercultural setting

– Willing to increase his/her competences about Euro-African Context

– Willing to live fragile and challenging envorienment and work with children and young people faced difficult situation before

– has interest to work on inclusion topic of young people with disadvantaged bakcground

– sensitive on the poverty and empowerment topics and willing to create follow-up actions

– has a sufficient level of English ( B1-C1 )

Travel & Accommodation & Volunteer Allowance and Project Costs

Travel Costs : 820 EURs

This costs will be directly covered by Coordinating Organization ( Uçarlı Youth Association ) and before your departure, the flight tickets will be bought by coordinating organization.

Volunteers Food 100€

This money is for you to buy your food and drinks.

Top tips:

  • Plan menus as a group;
  • shop together;
  • share the costs of water, toilet paper, toiletries and cleaning products.

Volunteer Living Allowance: 90€ per month.

This is what is sometimes called “pocket money” for you to buy things that you need, save for travel etc.

Project Materials + Stationery = 80€ per month

We are also giving you 80€ to directly spend on buying materials and stationery for your projects. We think this is better than giving it to the organisation and then you needing to ask for things.

So in total, you will received in your bank, 270€ per month (1130000,00 Schilling) The average salary is in Uganda is 170€,  so will will have a lot of money but remember that you have extra money for materials and to manage your projects effectively.

Remember: You should work together with your 7 other co-volunteers to shop together for food and the project materials, this way you should be able to save money for travel.

We will pay the money directly to you in your EU/TK  bank account, the costs of withdrawals is approximately 4€ but this is safe that using cash and dealing with money changers. You should avoid them always, also don not change money in Kiosks, only withdraw from the bank and live using Ugandan Shillings not US Dollars.

Application Process

To be volunteer, we ask you to fill out the following application form along with your motivation statement ( a video no longer than 1 minute ( please put in youtube and share the link in the application form ) ) with your CV. Please read the Child Protection Policy attached to the application form and read the details of the program.

Go To Application Form: