About Project

Empowering Youth with EVS in Uganda, focuses on empowerment as a change making process on the lives of young people and children and uses that as a tool to increase the participation of young people to social , economical and finally to political life. Therefore, the project focuses on several actions not only implementing mobilities but as well as implementing capacity building activities of the host organization in Uganda by transferring the knowledge of the Spanish, Romanian and Turkish partners through out European Voluntary Service Volunteers.

During the project, the volunteers are expected to work with several fields related to the need of the hosting organization; such as :

  • Crowdfunding and Fundraising
  • Social Media and Internet Work
  • Child work ( Orphans & Street Children )
  • Vocational Education ( Carpentry, Woodcraft , Hairdressing, Mechanics, Textile Work )
  • Youth Work
  • Gardening & Construction Work

Above-mentioned areas are the main working areas of the host organization ( KYDA ), therefore the volunteers will be selected and appointed with the discussion with the local organization related to their skill-sets and they will be working in this fields with the local staff of the organization.

Project Aim :

  • To strengthen the competences of young people and children in Uganda through out educational and social activities

Project Objectives :

  • Implementing educational activities with the volunteers and the staff of KYDA
  • Increasing the situational well-being of children and young people benefiting from the services of KYDA
  • Transferring the knowledge gathered by participating organization in Turkey, Spain and Romania to KYDA for building capacities of the organizations in Uganda through out volunteering activities implemented by the volunteers

Project Activities

Transnational Meeting in Kampala, Uganda

The transnational meeting will be based on round table discussions and study visists to the Ugandan organizations sites to see how the situation is and what can be useful to implement with the involvement of EVS volunteers. Every organization will involve one participant who will be responsible of dealing with the recruitment of volunteers as well as the educational materials. We will create an work plan for the project, deliverables and check the measurables during the project. 

It took place with the involvement of 5 staff from Turkey, Romania,Spain and Uganda in 1-11 March 2019 in Kampala,Uganda.

Development of Educational Material and E-learning Module

After the creation of work plan during the transnational meeting, the strategy for the output and methodology will be reviewed and the indicate output plan will be followed by all partners and they will recruit local researches and also youth workers related to development of educational handbook and the workshop materials for EVS volunteers to implement during their stay in Uganda. The partner organizations will deliver outputs ( methods and theory ) accordingly to the plan created in transnational meeting and that activity will be held online. 

E-learning module  for EVS Volunteers

During this phase, the organization members in Turkey, Romania and Spain will work on e-learning module for EVS Volunteers and gather information from the partner in Uganda regarding to their activities during the implemented training course and the tasks will be provided to the volunteers prior to their arrival as a preparation process.

Training Course in Kampala,Uganda ( 18-25 April 2019 )

The training course will be based on non-formal education and will be implemented with 17 participants ( 4 Spanish, 4 Turkish, 3 Romanian and 4 Ugandan participants ) , 2 trainers for 8 days. The training is shaped with the partner organizations’ needs and develop in consistence with the needs and interests of the local organization. The participants will have an opportunity to see the local situation and the issues regarding to the Uganda.

Implementation of Local Workshops parallel to EVS  

During the participation of EVS Volunteers, they will implement local workshops in Uganda with the staff to increase the capacities of the local organizations and they will be supported by their sending organizations’ through out the online e-learning module.

Online Mentoring Module

The coaching module will be implemented parallel to implementation of trainings for EVS volunteers and local people.The participants will be coached and coaching by and to their peers who have participated to training course.

European Voluntary Service in Kampala, Uganda

The EVS volunteers will involve in the activities implemented in Uganda for 3 months in following sequence : 

  • 1st Round : 15/06/2019 – 13/09/2019 ( 4 Turkish , 2 Spanish, 2 Romanian ) 
  • 2nd Round : 15/09/2019 – 17/12/2019 ( 4 Turkish , 2 Spanish, 2 Romanian ) 
  • 3rd Round : 10/01/2020 – 10/04/2020 ( 4 Turkish, 2 Spanish, 2 Romanian ) 

During their stay in EVS, they will participate and implement actions in Uganda and they will receive mentoring from the participants of Training of Trainers and the mentors in Uganda. They will implement the workshops created during the implementation of training of trainers activity. The activities of the EVS will be based on the projects on below and the volunteers will be matched by Ugandan organization according to their capabilities and knowledge. 

Youth Exchange in Diyarbakır, Turkey

Youth exchange will be based on non-formal education methodology and will be implemented with 24 participants ( 5 participant +1 leader per country ) for 8 days and the facilitators will be selected among the EVS volunteers from each country ( 1 per each ) for the implementation of the youth exchange. The event will be focused on empowerment of young people under poverty and increasing their capabilities related to implementation of the European project. The participants will gain new and deepened knowledge related to empowerment, inclusion and poverty. 

Evaluation Meeting in Diyarbakır,Turkey

The follow-up plan of the project will be created and the future cooperation aspects will be discussed by the partners during the transnational meeting and the final evaluation of the project will be done.